Performance Focus

Sample Lessons

Each lesson is performed up to speed followed by a step-by-step breakdown.

Lesson 1

This beautiful old Scottish melody is a great example of how a strong melody can be the building block for an effective solo guitar arrangement. This slow, expressive piece is perfect for developing your Fingerstyle playing without too many technical challenges.

Style – Traditional/Celtic
Tuning – DADGAD
Technique focus –

  • Playing in 3/4
  • Playing in DADGAD in the key of G
  • Leaving space in your playing

Difficulty – Easy/Moderate


Lesson 2

In the Performance Focus section I will show you how to play my original compositions and arrangements.

Each piece is taught in bite size sections and slowed down so you can see what my hands are doing up close. I’ll explain how the pieces and arrangements were created and along the way we’ll study a variety of styles from traditional Celtic to blues, jazz and beyond!

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