Modern Country – PDF


This book is for guitarists who wish to study Modern Country part writing and then get their own creativity working by developing original ideas with the included backing tracks.



Why I wrote this book

Guitar has always been at the fore of Country music and never more so than in Modern Country where you’ll find electric and acoustic guitar parts working together Modern Country tracks usually feature multiple guitar parts so I’ve written this book to show you how to layer guitar parts, how to intertwine everything from acoustic and electric rhythm parts to harmony guitar, licks, fills and melodic leads. Featuring everything from Country Rock styles to the ‘Big Ballad’ this is a book that will really get you thinking about how to play with the band and how to work effectively in a studio session environment.

What is in the book?

This book features six full band tracks with a variety of guitar parts in each track – sometimes as many as six guitar parts layered up within a track. You’ll start off by learning the key techniques in Country Guitar with exercises covering everything from fingerpicking to chicken picking, open string playing and pedal steel bends
There are full band backing tracks and then tracks minus each part so you can work on just one part or develop your own ideas.

Who is this for?

This book is for fans of Modern Country but also those who are intrigued by how professional studio session guitarists stack parts and always find the right part for the track. If you are working on both rhythm and lead playing then this book will work well for you – amongst other skills you’ll see the importance of being able to write short eight bar solos whilst crafting multiple rhythm parts in different registers that stay out each other’s way. No matter what style you play working through the exercises and pieces in this book will give you transferable skills to take to the next writing session, recording session or gig!

The download is delivered as a zip file containing a PDF copy of Modern Country Guitar Jam Session and MP3 files covering each piece and backing track in the book.

The zip file can be opened with winzip and you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the PDF version of the book. MP3 Audio files can be played in iTunes or Windows Media Player or any supported audio software.

You can download the audio tracks here Modern Country Guitar Jam Session Audio.

Audio samples:
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6