Technique Focus

Sample Lesson

Each lesson is performed up to speed followed by a step-by-step breakdown.

The exercises in this section are designed to show you a variety of rudimental fingerpicking patterns. Although designed for those who are new to Fingerstyle there is still plenty for the intermediate and even advanced players – clarity, timekeeping, dynamics and volume are all areas that can benefit from studying these patterns.

Style – Introduction to Fingerstyle
Tuning – Standard
Technique focus –

  • PIMA placement
  • Picking hand timing and dynamics

Difficulty – Easy


Developing fingerstyle technique is contingent on a number of approaches – focusing on strength, fluidity, accuracy, speed and clarity are just some of the elements that will help you to improve as a fingerstyle player.

The exercises in the Technique Focus section are designed to work the core skills of any fingerstyle player and will encourage you to think about picking and fretting hand interaction and development. Practising these exercises regularly will pay real dividends when you come to study repertoire.

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